“It Doesn’t Matter.”

It’s funny. Three little words often reassure people, easing them back into a lulled sense of comfort. Feeling safety and unashamed of what has been done or what has yet to be done.

Yet the context of these words can very much vary the scenario.

An example of when these words are used rather harmlessly is for small, one-off scenario’s that may only mildly affect a long term goal. For example, as someone trying to lose weight, I may fret slightly if I were to treat myself to something with a high calorie count. A take away or a slice of cake. Yet, the reassurance of ‘It doesn’t matter, it’s a treat!’ would reassure me into fretting a little less. Into being reassured that, sure, it doesn’t matter. It’s a treat!

Now to move onto the matter when these three words are used less so ‘harmlessly’.

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30 Day Writing Challenge

Anyone else struggling to get into writing at the moment?

Maybe it’s the January blues, or maybe it’s just that I haven’t got a lot of motivation for my current large-scale projects at the moment. Either way, I’m craving a challenge. Or, at the very least, something that’s going to help me enjoy writing again. So I’m going to make up 30 writing prompts. Varying from sentences, quotes from influential people, dialogue, a series of random words, one word, challenges or situational prompts.
I’ll be writing my posts on my writing blog here.

Wanna have a go? By all means, just take a selected few prompts for yourself or take on the challenge too! Just remember to @ me (@leanneissearchingforalife), tag it with ‘I also need a life Leanne’ or link them in the comments below (mainly just so I can be nosy and see what other people come up with eheh).

So, let’s do it. Here are the 30 prompts:

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End of a Chapter

“Thanks for checking out my post, mates. I’m going to make it a goal to at least post on this blog every other week, if not every week. I’m possibly going to make a regular day every week and get into a routine as writing on this blog really is fun for me, and I have about 10 draft posts saved with things I want to talk about and are just waiting to be written out.  So, let’s see if I can stick to my word now that it’s out there.”

-Me, January, 2018

4 months later…

So, hey. I guess that plan wasn’t exactly stuck to.

But in fairness, I have a decent enough excuse.

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Writing -This time, it’s Personal

As a creative writing university student facing my 3rd year special project, I knew that I needed to pick something that I would feel enthusiasm and dedication towards. Something that wouldn’t bore me or be difficult to restrain to 12000 words. 12000 words sounds like a lot, but it’s novella length which is slightly more difficult to stick by. It’s not short story length, and could be easily filled with no trouble if aiming for an idea suited to a novel . I had a long time to think about it, and then finally when it came to submitting my proposal, I thought of something.

It’s only now that I’m sat here trying to write it do I realise how difficult my choice was. For I, foolishly, have chosen something that is (overly dramatic pause for overly dramatic effect):

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Oh 2017, how you have changed me.

You’ve been a good friend, but also a real twat. You’re that friend who is faithful and great to be around with a wise opinion when it is needed, but also is skint so scrounges off you for money, booze and food. I could kiss you and punch you all at once. But then again, considering the events of the passing year, you’d probably be the kind of number that was into that, wouldn’t you?

I wonder if anyone else has had such a vast amount of changes happen upon them this year. When I look back at the person I was merely a year ago, I can see so much that is different now. The experiences experienced, the lessons learnt, the realisations realised, it all seems like an eternity has passed since it all was yet to come. The connections I lost, the friends I have made, the person I am now and the confidence I’ve developed. All in 365 days. Bizarre coming to think about it.

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